CROSSPIC Tom Crowley's Books


"Bangkok Pool Blues"

Synopsis: The heartbeat of “Bangkok Pool Blues” is the gritty insiders’ story of the people of this night culture  and  the interplay of  the  Thai gambling and entertainment scene with  a Western style  professional  pool scene new to Thailand. Bangkok’s   growth  as an international nexus in all areas is on display in this oft times shadowy   night world,  with Thai bar owners and  night workers mixing with professional and amateur pool players and gamblers from Europe, the Americas, and Asia. The stories of those floating though the scene,  Thai and foreign, are documented  in detail with gripping black and white photography by  Yoon Ki Kim a Korean photographer who  lives and works in Bangkok.  A look inside “Bangkok Pool Blues” presents the reader a close up view of  a scene new to Thailand,  and  reflects a Thai counter culture that most never see.


"Viper's Tail"

Synopsis: Matt Chance, an ex US Army Ranger living in Bangkok, finds himself drafted into the middle of a deadly plot involving right wing Japanese fanatics intent on punishing China for grievances going back to the end of WW II and the loss of Japan’s preeminent position of global power. What he unravels is not only a threat to China but to the world. Matt must cotend with powerful forces in the Thai military and the U.S. CIA as well as the Japanese yakuza.


"Murder in the Slaughterhouse"

Synopsis: Matt Chance is on the run.

Murder, sexual exploitation, designer drugs, international terrorism and an off the rails CIA station chief are all in the mix.

A teenaged street boy is found viciously murdered in the most unlikely of places, his nude body laid on the bare concrete floor of the slaughterhouse where they kill the pigs. The boy was a student at the muay thai school run by Coach Somchai, who is also Matt's mentor. Afraid the cops may find the killing easy to dismiss as just another meth crazed killing, Coach Somchai calls on Matt to look into the boys death.

Matt finds the boy was drawn into a sex service ring whose clients include international terriorists and those who control them. Most troubling of all, the trail leads Matt to a covert CIA operation and one of the most notorious of CIA operatives, a man Matt has clashed with before in Iraq. The operative's power in Thailand means Matt's safety is in question. He must run for his life searching outside of Thailand for allies to help counterbalance the threat and solve the murder.  


"Shrapnel Wounds"

Synopsis: An Infantry Lieutenant's Vietnam War Memoir

Shrapnel Wounds is the combat memoir of Lieutenant Tom Crowley, an enthusiastic and highly trained U.S. Army enlistee and Officer Candidate School grad who enters combat in Vietnam in late 1966. Highly regarded by his infantry platoon and strongly encouraged by his superiors to become a professional soldier, Crowley almost inadvertently examines the system by which career officers are shepherded through to higher and higher rank—and increasingly rejects that system over the course of his one-year combat tour